SCBWI Success Story - Dee White

From Sydney to Paris

I always set conference goals, and my major one for SCBWI Sydney 2016 was to take advantage of the opportunity to pitch my manuscript idea, Beyond Belief, to a publisher panel. 

I was hoping to get interest in my story to help me with a VicArts funding application I was about to submit.

I was desperate to spend a month in Paris researching a true story I had discovered about Muslims at a Paris mosque who saved Jewish children during WW2. I had spent all my money on a research trip to Europe in 2015, and it would be years before I could save for another.

But this story had to be told, and I needed to visit the mosque to do it.

Pitching a story idea that had very personal connections for me was terrifying, but if I could get that grant, it would be worth the angst.

All the publishers on the panel were so encouraging, and Clare Halifax from Scholastic generously wrote a letter to support my funding application.

Thanks to my pitch at the SCBWI conference, and Clare's belief in my story, I was successful in getting the money for my trip and in April 2017 I spent an amazing month at the mosque, in synagogues, at a wine market (all in the name of research) and exploring the Paris sewers. Being able to immerse myself in the world of my story has added a new layer of richness to it.

It has been an amazing journey. I have uncovered secrets, spoken to Holocaust survivors, drunk mint tea in a beautiful mosque, and sat in the oldest synagogue in Paris.

Thanks to this opportunity at SCBWI Sydney 2016, Beyond Belief will be published by Scholastic Australia next year.

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Need a writing buddy?

Sometimes when you reach the stage of not being able to 'see the forests for the trees' with your story's manuscript, it helps to have a writing buddy or two. And sometimes it's not easy to connect with someone in the same city or town, and that's where the internet has become a fabulous resource.

Here's a tried and trusted site from Aussie children's and YA author, Dee White. The link is called FIND A WRITING BUDDY.

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